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BCA at Bill 142 Hearings

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BCA and OPCA Step Up at Bill 142 Hearings


On Monday, November 13th COCA reported to its members that there were still two empty time slots on the schedule for the final afternoon of public hearings on Bill 142 on November 15th.  The construction industry is overwhelmingly in favour of the Bill which modernizes the Construction Lien Act, introduces a timely and fair payment regime and introduces a dispute resolution process for construction project disputes.  However, the Bill does have a few detractors, particularly among those who don’t like to pay their contractors and suppliers in a timely way.


Allowing these two time slots to go unfilled gives the Bill’s opponents, largely the institutional buyers of construction who prefer to drag out payment, with a disproportionately loud voice.  So, along came Alison Smith of the BCA and Andrew Sefton of the OPCA to fill the openings and speak in favour of the Bill.  All supporters of Bill 142 Construction Lien Amendment Act 2017 owe special thanks to the Alison and Andrew for stepping up to the plate and making compelling and persuasive presentations at the public hearings.


November 15 was the final afternoon of public hearings.  Also presenting were representatives of the OGCA (100% in support with minor suggestions to extend the timelines for adjudication), OHBA (openly and violently opposed to the Bill because the residential sector is different) and the OAA (largely supportive with some minor changes).


Bruce Reynolds and Sharon Vogel took the last spot, batting clean-up. They responded to some of the concerns expressed by presenters throughout the full three days of hearings.  They assured the Committee that all of the legitimate concerns will be addressed in the regulations to the Bill where they can be easily tweaked and refined when needed.  They said the Bill, when in force, will cause companies, big and small, to change their processes and their culture around payment.


The Committee on the Legislative Assembly will hold clause-by-clause review of Bill 142 on the afternoons of November 22nd and 29th.  This is the phase in the legislative process when amendments are introduced.  We anticipate that the government will introduce approximately 20 amendments to provide refinements and definitions for clarity and transition provisions for projects that straddle the in-force date.


Then the Committee will have exactly nine sitting days to report the Bill back to the legislature for third reading and Royal Assent.  The Legislature rises on December 14th for its winter break and does not reconvene until February 20, 2018 for what will be a truncated session before campaigning begins for the general election in June.


It’s anticipated that the new construction lien provisions will come into effect about 6 months following Royal Assent and the dispute resolution and payment regime about 18 to 24 months following Royal Assent.

Ian Cunningham, President, COCA

Thank you to our Sponsors

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Many thanks to the sponsors of the Community Builders Golf Tournament.  Your support helped to ensure our success!

Ainley Group
Arnott Construction
Bobcat of Barrie
Calow Benefit Group
Coco Paving
Corix Water Products
Decast Ltd.
Dufferin Construction
Duivenvoorden Haulage
Eisses Excavating
Georgian College
Lafarge Canada
Lisbon Paving
Maacon Construction
North Rock Group
Rutherford Contracting
Steel Tile
Walker Industries

Excel for Construction (Basic)

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OCTOBER 4, 2017  8AM TO 5PM

Excel for Construction (Basic)
(costs, tracking, lists, schedules, estimates, production rates)
CCA has accredited this course for 1 Gold Seal Special Industry Credit (SIC)
Excel is an excellent tool to calculate and track important information.
If tasks such as tracking expenses, jobs and equipment, or creating estimates are work that you do, then this
course will help save you time and money. If you have ever used a spreadsheet created by someone else and
struggled, then this course is for you.
Do you calculate production rates? keep track of costs or budgets? Excel makes these tasks easy and it gives
you a record of all your calculations (unlike your calculator). Excel makes it easy to verify your work and enter
Our one day workshop will show you how to use Excel to do all these things. Learn to create your own
spreadsheets, and change existing ones.
The Construction Professional will be able to use Excel to create estimates, track expenses, calculate overruns,
track production rates, calculate materials usages.
1. Create better financial estimates of projects
2. Calculate and create records of production rates
3. Maintain better financial records of business expenses
4. Be able to do tracking of expenses and revenues by job
Participants should have a basic understanding of how to use a computer (create a letter, create an
email, find files). For people who do not have these skills, we offer a course titled ‘In From the Site’
which is designed specifically for construction personnel unfamiliar with computer office technologies.
October 4th – 8am to 5pm
200 Brock St., Barrie
Cost: $299.00 + HST
Topics Covered
– Basic spreadsheets for simple estimates
o Numerical calculations using excel
o Incorporating financial information (estimates) into Word documents
o Creating simple estimates
o Using formulas
o Creating Budgets
o Charting
o Calculating Production Rates
– Tracking Expenses
o Simple calculations over time – expense tracking
o Record Keeping – jobs and equipment
o Subtotals – tracking by job or location
o Filters – analyzing results
o If Statements
o Multiple books and Links – job tracking
– Year over Year comparisons
– Reporting
o Formatting
o Linking
o Exporting
o Conditional Formatting
Enrollment is a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 12 persons to ensure that each participant receives
individualized attention. This is a hands-on workshop and laptops with software are provided for the
duration of the course.