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2016 Fall Golf Tournament co-hosted with Simcoe County Heavy Construction Association September 23rd


31aug9:00 am- 4:00 pmCCA & CCDC Standard Contracts - An Overview


14sep11:30 am- 1:00 pmLunch & Learn - Bill 132 Sexual Violence & Harassment Action Plan Act

19sep8:30 am- 12:30 pmWHMIS

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Garfield Dunlop dropped by the BCA to pass along congratulations on 25 years from PC Leader Patrick Brown. Thanks Patrick and Garfield! ...

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Raúl OvandoPatrick Brown opposed the Wynne Liberals' sex ed curriculum when he was running for the leadership of the Ontario PC Party last year, then he said that he fully supported it shortly after winning the leadership of the Ontario PC Party. Then last week he once again flip flopped and said that he opposed the Wynne Liberals, sex ed has said that what he said last week was a "mistake" and that he "strongly supports" it! I am beginning to wonder if he is bipolar or suffering from some other undiagnosed mental illness...23 hours ago

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Barrie Construction Association shared Bring Safety Home's photo. ...

Workplace Accidents: Rarely a Single Cause While by all appearances it would seem that young workers in Ontario are injured due to slips, falls from height and other workplace hazards, it is seldom that these accidents occur because of a single cause. An important component of workplace health and safety is the accident investigation process. Investigations are mandated by the government of Ontario to ensure the cause or causes of the accident are clearly identified so that measures can be taken to ensure the same scenarios don’t play out again and that if any negligence was involved, those responsible are held accountable. While it is easy to assume that the reason a worker sprained their ankle was due to a fall from a ladder, as one example, it is usually not so simple. In a properly conducted investigation, effort goes in to finding out the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’ something like the above did occur. Experienced investigators immediately look for other causal factors associated with the accident based on the type of accident at hand. In the case of a fall from a ladder, they would immediately look at the equipment (ladder). Were all parts in perfect working order? Had any repairs been made that gave way under stress that may have caused the fall? They would look at the environmental conditions. Was the ladder on a slippery floor? Was it resting on an uneven surface? Was the area poorly lit? Was the ladder insufficient to accommodate the safe retrieval of an object high above ground level? And they would evaluate the injured worker. This can mean many things in the context of a young worker. Were they experienced working with the equipment? Had they been trained properly? While it might appear that using a ladder is not difficult, there are specific rules that need to be followed in a workplace relating to equipment even as simple as a ladder. For example, there are guidelines that dictate how tall a ladder needs to be in order to safely accommodate a task. In many workplaces the use of a ladder is forbidden above a certain height and other devices are incorporated to retrieve items from racks, etc. Unfortunately, other factors come in to play in this generation of ‘always available’ young workers. Was the worker distracted? If they can walk up and down stairs at home while texting, there may be the possibility that similar multi-tasking may be occurring at work. As a parent, there is something that you can do. Find out about your kid’s job tasks. Ask them about the state of the equipment in their workplace. Is it in good condition? Ask if they are ever asked to do anything that they feel might be unsafe, such as using a tall ladder that might not be tall enough. Inform them that distraction is one of the leading causal factors of workplace accidents among young workers. Of course remind them, that if they feel something is unsafe, there are options to explore and that they need to feel confident enough to explore these options rather than put themselves in harm’s way. They need to know the law is on their side and that they cannot be reprimanded if they explore these options. They need to feel confident that it is in everyone’s best interest that they come home safe after work: their employers, their co-workers and of course you, the people who love them most. Have the conversation. To find out more, visit

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