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The Barrie Construction Association evolved from the Barrie Bid Depository and Plans Room, which has been operating since the early 1950’s. In the spring of 1987, an idea was put into motion to open a construction association, which would address the needs of the ICI sector in the area. By August of 1991, we had become incorporated as The Barrie Construction Association and in a few short years we have grown and expanded to over 400 members. Our Membership base is made up from all facets of non-residential construction and related businesses. As we continue to grow our goal is to become the voice of ICI Construction in the Simcoe County Region.

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The Barrie Construction Association

The BCA is governed by a Board of Directors. There is up to a total of 13 Directors, 12 who are elected each year from the membership and the 13th being the Past President. The membership of the board is made up as follows as directed by the by-laws; 3 General Contractors, 3 Supply and Services, 3 Trade Contractors and 1 from the Heavy Construction. The President is an individual that has served an internship as Vice President before stepping into the position of President. The Board of Directors is made up of volunteers who all possess memberships, and is dedicated people who are interested in seeing the BCA succeed and be of benefit to all its members. Board Members hold their position for a minimum of two years.

Member Value Proposition

  • We help members get new business by providing a plansroom, influencing procurement policy and providing opportunities to network with procurement decision makers
  • We protect our members business interests by relentlessly advocating for a fair and level playing field and by holding our members to the highest ethical standards
  • We provide members with the tools to increase profitability by improving health and safety performance and reducing unplanned safety related costs
  • We help members improve cash flow by advocating for Prompt Payment legislation and educating members and buyers on procurement best practices
  • We improve the business environment for members by
    • providing timely, relevant and accurate information and training about industry trends and impending changes to legislation and regulations
    • advocating for a legislative and regulatory environment that supports success in the construction industry
  • We support members business sustainability by proactively searching out new technologies and innovative solutions in our industry