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Huronia Alarm donation-in-kind to Operation Grow

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Huronia Alarm & Fire Security Inc. (HAFS) recently donated an access control security system to Operation Grow.  Operation Grow is an initiative of Huronia Transition Homes.  The program is designed to provide women with low-barrier employment opportunities a chance to gain valuable work experience apprentice-skills, earn a living wage and transition to mainstream employment, by growing fresh produce and herbs year-round, through unique vertical farming and cultivation practices.  The greens will be sold by volunteers from a retail space at their new location; 436 Bay Street, Midland, Ontario.

“Security for the new premises and the safety of the people who work and visit the property is of the utmost importance,” said Kevin Leonard, COO of HAFS.  “Huronia has been long-time supporters of Huronia Transition Homes, and I personally fundraise for this organization through my association with the Midland Y’s Men and our annual Walk a Mile event.  To be able to donate and install security equipment that will help ensure that the women and volunteers at Operation Grow can work safely and securely is a perfect fit to HAFS’s corporate giving policy, and we are thrilled to be involved in this really unique self-sustaining program.”

“There is a peace of mind that these access control products give our staff, volunteers, residents and visitors,” said Kathy Willis, Executive Director at Huronia Transition Homes. “Huronia has been an outstanding community partner and this donation is an indication of their commitment to ensuring a safe and secure environment for our women.”

Huronia Alarm & Fire Security Inc. has been in business for over 45 years and is Central Ontario’s leading provider of home and business security and monitoring services, CCTV, fire and safety, lock, key and safe products and services, home theatre, audio and video consultation and entertainment room design, as well as cabling and smart home wiring for today’s home automation requirements.

 Photo Caption:  Kevin Leonard, Chief Operating Officer of Huronia Alarm & Fire Security Inc. presents a cheque for $3,000 to Kathy Willis, Executive Director at Huronia Transition Homes’ new social enterprise Operation Grow.  This represents the dollar-value amount of the access control security system that Huronia donated to the Operation Grow facility.

Build Your Health & Safety Program

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Earn While You Learn – 5% Rebate on Your WSIB Premium!

Date: February 14, 21 and 28, 2018
Time: 9am to 1pm
Location: BCA, 200 Brock St. Barrie

Business owners can find it challenging to understand their occupational health and safety responsibilities especially when a worker is injured. The WSIB can help.

We invite you to a free health and safety training program which will explain both your occupational health and safety and WSIB requirements. By taking part in the WSIB’s “Building your Health and Safety Program”, you will receive:
✔✔ Information on how to reduce your WSIB costs
✔✔ Hands on training for Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act
✔✔ Free, accessible and easy-to-understand health and safety resources
✔✔ Free ongoing support with a small business health and safety consultant

Through this voluntary health and safety program, your company will receive a one-time 5% rebate on your previous year’s WSIB premiums after you meet all of the following requirements:
✔✔ Attends all 3 in-class training sessions (each class is 4 hours)
✔✔ Completes a self-evaluation,*
✔✔ Completes a health and safety action plan,*
✔✔ Develops an inspection procedure and return to work procedure*

Send your completed registration form directly to WSIB by February 9th, 2018


Executive Year End Message

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Dear BCA Members

December is a time for reflection, and as I look back on 2017 it has to go down in the record books as the most successful year for the BCA. For over twenty years, the BCA has lobbied the Provincial Government for change to the antiquated Construction Lien Act. What does this mean? Year after year, the BCA staff and board met with MPP’s to educate them on the real struggles faced every day by our members. Delayed payments in the construction industry are the norm, not the exception. While MPP’s over the years have sympathized, it was not until the introduction of Bill 142, Construction Lien Amendment Act, 2017, that any real hope for revolution was seen.

During three days of hearings at Queen’s Park, the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly heard from many stakeholders – some in favour of the legislative changes and some opposed (those against tight payment timelines). A strong argument for the passing of this Bill was needed. I was proud to address the Standing Committee during these hearings and fight for BCA member’s rights. The right for a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

Under the newly re-named Construction Act, the vital proposed changes fall into three broad categories. Prompt Payment of Invoices – owners will have to pay contractors within 28 days of receipt of an invoice. Contractors will then have 7 days to pay their subcontractors. If all or part of the invoice is in dispute, the payer must give a notice of non-payment along with an explanation. The undisputed amount must still be paid. The Act creates a short-term dispute adjudication process to resolve payment disputes. The Modernization of the Act includes numerous changes including extending the lien period from 45 to 60 days and making the release of holdback mandatory. The BCA is fully committed to educating our members and local municipal purchasers on these sweeping changes.

The BCA alongside the Council of Ontario Construction Associations was involved in the creating of legislation, giving the BCA Members a voice. This is what belonging to the BCA means. I am proud of what our active board, our dedicated staff and you, our loyal members have achieved together.

I invite you to read the attached Year-End Report which highlights the business of the BCA in 2017 and how your membership dollars were utilized and it will give you a glimpse of what the board and staff will be undertaking in the coming year. A complete list of the BCA Standing Committees and the mandates of those committees is included along with our 2018 Calendar of Events. I encourage you to contact the board or myself with any comments or concerns and to let us know how we can help you.

In closing, I along with my staff and the Board of Directors wish all members, your families and employees a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.


Alison Smith, Executive Director

Year End Report     Calendar of Events 2018

BCA at Bill 142 Hearings

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BCA and OPCA Step Up at Bill 142 Hearings


On Monday, November 13th COCA reported to its members that there were still two empty time slots on the schedule for the final afternoon of public hearings on Bill 142 on November 15th.  The construction industry is overwhelmingly in favour of the Bill which modernizes the Construction Lien Act, introduces a timely and fair payment regime and introduces a dispute resolution process for construction project disputes.  However, the Bill does have a few detractors, particularly among those who don’t like to pay their contractors and suppliers in a timely way.


Allowing these two time slots to go unfilled gives the Bill’s opponents, largely the institutional buyers of construction who prefer to drag out payment, with a disproportionately loud voice.  So, along came Alison Smith of the BCA and Andrew Sefton of the OPCA to fill the openings and speak in favour of the Bill.  All supporters of Bill 142 Construction Lien Amendment Act 2017 owe special thanks to the Alison and Andrew for stepping up to the plate and making compelling and persuasive presentations at the public hearings.


November 15 was the final afternoon of public hearings.  Also presenting were representatives of the OGCA (100% in support with minor suggestions to extend the timelines for adjudication), OHBA (openly and violently opposed to the Bill because the residential sector is different) and the OAA (largely supportive with some minor changes).


Bruce Reynolds and Sharon Vogel took the last spot, batting clean-up. They responded to some of the concerns expressed by presenters throughout the full three days of hearings.  They assured the Committee that all of the legitimate concerns will be addressed in the regulations to the Bill where they can be easily tweaked and refined when needed.  They said the Bill, when in force, will cause companies, big and small, to change their processes and their culture around payment.


The Committee on the Legislative Assembly will hold clause-by-clause review of Bill 142 on the afternoons of November 22nd and 29th.  This is the phase in the legislative process when amendments are introduced.  We anticipate that the government will introduce approximately 20 amendments to provide refinements and definitions for clarity and transition provisions for projects that straddle the in-force date.


Then the Committee will have exactly nine sitting days to report the Bill back to the legislature for third reading and Royal Assent.  The Legislature rises on December 14th for its winter break and does not reconvene until February 20, 2018 for what will be a truncated session before campaigning begins for the general election in June.


It’s anticipated that the new construction lien provisions will come into effect about 6 months following Royal Assent and the dispute resolution and payment regime about 18 to 24 months following Royal Assent.

Ian Cunningham, President, COCA