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VuMAP  allows you to measure and assess your site with high resolution aerial imagery to estimate material costs and quote customers from your desk. Gain insights that help you make smart decisions and direct your resources to where they’re most profitable.

Accurate measurements of building footprints, fences, slopes and the like allow you to estimate material costs and quote your customer quickly without ever leaving your computer.  The result is that your staff, vehicles and equipment can be directed to where the profitable job is, and not waste time and gas driving all over town, or worse, stuck in traffic.
Learn how construction companies, paving, roofing, landscaping, developers, and maintenance companies use VuMAP to reduce cost and increase overall profits Click here

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Full Series

First Base Solutions VuMAP  4 part series with Supporting Documentation  

Part 1:  View

Part 2:  Query

Part 3:  Measure

Part 4;  Report

Corporate Documentation

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First Base Solution Corporate Brochure

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